Saturday, February 1, 2014

105 Facts About Me

I just watch a video of PointlessBlogTV “100 facts about me”. I stumbled across so many interesting things about myself. I though I would tell you 105 facts about me. If there were anything that strikes you I would love to hear from you. Enjoy reading!

  1. Name: Ebonee Ann Schiffmann
  2. Born: 25th January 1994 aged 20
  3. Graduated school in 2011
  4. Live in South Australia
  5. Studying: Hairdressing, want to Study Makeup next
  6. Addictions: Nutella, Blogging, Bible
  7. Live with: my parents, sister and brother
  8. Pets: Have 2 cats named “Milo & Memphis” and 2 dogs named “Butter” & “Honey”. You’d think we loved food!
  9. Studied at school: English, Maths, and Practical art, Graphics, Home economics and Law.
  10. Favourite drink: Lemon lime Bitters, not a alcohol person!
  11. Born with: a white birthmark in my inner right thigh.
  12. Religious views: creation involves a creator. I’m a Christian.
  13. Languages: English, but did learn Japanese and French
  14. Childhood things: Barbie dolls and glow in the dark teddy
  15. I have a dream board full of goals I want to achieve.
  16. Love listening, singing and dancing when nobody is around
  17. Never was really into sports, but I seem to be pretty good at it.
  18. Read: Inspirational book
  19. Music: All kinds.
  20. Favourite artist: Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes, Kaylens Rain, Ashlee Monroe, etc.
  21. Love to smell of new cars and Lychee Perfume.
  22. I came 3rd place in a singing competition.
  23. Asthmatic: for 18 years. I had an asthma attack 2 weeks after my sister way born and a week before my 2nd birthday. I called it a jealous attacked.
  24. I love to smile J
  25. I don’t mind spiders, but when they disappear I freak. I go all crocodile Dundee to find it.
  26. Magic power/s: would be to teleport or fly.
  27. Travel: never travelled overseas, but would love to travel to America, London and Greece.
  28. I am a light sleeper so I sleep on my right side, to remember my dreams (it actually works).
  29. Who inspires me: Bethany Hamilton (pro surfer). I don’t surf, but her courage to get back into the water, after losing your arm in a shark attack, is what amazed me.
  30. PC or Mac: I love MacBook’s, but still haven’t quite worked them out yet.
  31. Favourite Board game: I love monopoly and Pictionary not to sure if I am good at it or not.
  32. What do you do before you go to sleep: Pray then read a book.
  33. Embarrassing moment: at school, was when I running for the football and slipped over in a grassy puddle was wet all down my back, luckily I had sports for the last lesson.
  34. Family is what I cherish
  35. Favourite healthy food: Strawberry salad (like a normal lettuce salad but with strawberries and feta, yum)
  36. Stung by a bee: I have been stung once under my arm by a bee.
  37. Never smoked or taken drugs and don’t wish to start.
  38. I don’t like it when people eat with their month open and eat loudly.  It really annoys me.
  39. My favourite Land animal: Elephant
  40. Favourite sea animal: Dugong
  41. Favourite Bird: Butterfly
  42. Children: Yes.
  43. I had braces for 3 years.
  44. I dislike half naked photos and clothing that show bits of bottom or stomach. It’s not classy.
  45. Sweets/lollies: little marshmallows and anything sour (Haribo’s).
  46. I love shopping, especially Jewellery or handbag shopping
  47. I love trying new things.
  48. I love the cold weather more than hot. But I love those perfect days when you can enjoy the fresh air with out a jumper or being too hot.
  49. I drew a picture of what I was going to look like when I was 20 and turned out nothing like it.
  50. I don’t like liars, and I feel bad if I a lie.
  51. I have been to 3 primary schools, 1 high school.
  52. I fear heights in small spaces.
  53. When I went on a cave tour with friends, I was so scared of falling into the caves cracks. And I think it may have been because of the movie Sanctum.
  54. Colour: Blue, red, purple, white
  55. Loves all types of movies anything from action to romantic comedy.
  56. I dislike being chased, especially in the dark.
  57. I have lived in about 10 houses in my 20 years of life.
  58. I don’t like seeing people argue.
  59. I mumble sometimes, because when I had braces I didn’t use my lips to talk.
  60. I love if there is an opportunity that only came around once, I would jump to do it.
  61. I am grateful for the little things
  62. Relationship status: Single for 20 years and don’t mind.
  63. When typing I tend to miss out words unintentionally. So if I’ve missed something, it because my brain thinks I have already typed it in there.
  64. I love sleeping under the sun. Yes the sun, on a cool day.
  65. Best invention: dishwasher and washing machine. I know this sounds old fashion but imaging the time spent cleaning clothes and washing plates!
  66. I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer VRX 2009 Manual and its blue.
  67. Height: about 171cm, which equals about 5 feet 6 inches.
  68. I am bit of a joker or as people like to call it blonde headed.
  69. I love friends who love to joke around and I don’t mind sarcasm.
  70. Couldn’t live without: my asthma puffer.
  71. Favourite food: spaghetti bowls and chicken risotto. YUM
  72. Size foot: 9 ½ AUS ladies.
  73. Favourite saying: Be committed
  74. I prefer being positive, although most of the time the negative out way the positives. There are always some good lessons that come out of a situation.
  75. I prefer hot baths to showers.
  76. I can’t wink
  77. When I attending a camp and so many people ask me if I was from California, because I had an accent and had a California jumper.
  78. I don’t drink hot drinks, but have found a love for Nescafe Dolce Gusto hot chocolates.
  79. I did gymnastics when I was 6 and then again when I was 15, just for fun.
  80. I’ve had 8 teeth taken out but I still manage to have 24 teeth.
  81. My favourite chocolate: Nutella
  82. I don’t like watching cartoon styled kid TV programs, but other then that I would be happy to sit and watch.
  83. Only been to 2 concerts.
  84. Never broken a bone, yet.
  85. Piercing: yes, 2. 1 in each eye loops
  86. Even in winter I wear my summer pyjamas to bed.
  87. If I think I am right, I will reason till I am proven wrong.
  88. I love when the right kind of accidents happen.
  89. I’m right handed, but do most things with my left.
  90. I used to own 14 alpacas
  91. Love inline skating
  92. I don’t cry when saying goodbye or when something has to come to the end, I think of the positives. In 2 lines of the song Forever by Rascal Flatts “it wasn’t long enough together, but it was long enough to last forever”; is something that I always think about.
  93. At first I am shy but once a conversation is establish, I am fine and I always try to be myself.
  94. I don’t like when people walk and drive slow.
  95. Bike accident: I was riding on some wet grass and slammed on the brakes and went straight over the handle bars and manage to score myself a nice bruise on my thigh where I landed on my asthma puffer.
  96. Both sides of my grandparents spilt. I have 4 grandfathers and 3 grandmothers.
  97. In year 12 I was in the top 5 students that receive a high academic award.
  98. I have no tattoos, and don’t plan to get any.
  99. My hanging clothes are colour coordinated. And I fold my short and shirts a particular way. Is that crazy?
  100. I cut my chin open on a playground when I was little.
  101. I played the clarinet and violin at school. And learnt the drums and guitar at home. Haven’t continued since I was 12.
  102. I hate people who chew their nails off with their teeth and while doing this make a noise.
  103. I enjoy being single and content being me!
  104. I’m a first born child.
  105. I love organisation and list.

So there you go! I hope you enjoy a little insight of me.

EB xx