Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I would like to point out that they ARE NOT the Milkshake side, if you would like a really awesome Milkshake do see the Carriage Cafe which is Behind the Almond Train.

Just a 40 minute drive south of Adelaide on South Australia's spectacular Fleurieu Peninsula, The Almond Train is a must see when visiting the McLaren Vale region. Originally the Centenery class passenger car No. 468. It was built at Islington, South Australia and entered service on the 24th of July 1924 (almost 90 years old). 
They are open Sunday to Friday from 10am until 4:30pm.

It was converted for suburban use I the 1960's and became car No. 832. It has been estimated to have travelled 2 million miles. For part of its time it ran on the old Adelaide to willunga line, which it is where it is now situated and no longer moves.

The line was open by Sir Henry Galway (Governor of South Australia) on 20/1/1915 and closed 1969. 

The sleepers that the train lies on are the originals, which were kindly supplied by Wirra Wirra Winery.

It came to McLaren Vale site on the 28th November 1984.

Nowadays it is a shop. Recently taken over by the Schiffmann Family. The shop that has different flavours and varieties of Almonds, Cashews nuts. With gourmet food from around the South Australian region, from jams to sauces to cola flavoured jellies. The Almond Train is McLaren Vales top attraction.

The Almond Train offers a variety of flavoured nuts, gourmet foods, old fashioned lollies, like good old Choo Choo Bars, quality Australiana, souvenirs and much more. They specialise in gift baskets for all occasions - birthdays, anniversaries or corporate appreciation gifts. Next time you need a special gift why not try something new and spoil that special someone with a gift box. 

McLaren Vale Lavendar

My Favourite French Vanilla Almonds

Honey Lady

Fresh Mixed Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Chocolate Rocks

So the next time you are in McLaren Vale South Australia, YOU MUST come and try their AMAZING Almonds and Local Produce...

As my lovely reader I'm giving you this opportunity to get 10% off your purchase when you see the ladies, Simply tell them you read Ebonee's Blog.

I hope to see you in there.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jerome Jarre Proposal

Jerome Jarre is a French Viner living in the US. With other 6.6 million followers, he has made it big with spreading love to anything and everything. With he's quirky smile and adorable french accent Jerome, got the opportunity to talk on TEDXYouth about how he got to where he is today. He goes on how we might have the best life but we can always be improve it.

The three steps...
1. What character are you playing in your life? Who are you?
2. Who do you want to be? What would you BE?
3. Strategy. How do you plan to get there.

I take Jerome Jarre's Proposal to be...

Ebonee Ann Schiffmann, A successful hairdresser, that helps to make people feel beautiful, loved and cared for. Who loves to sing and put on makeup and wear beautiful dresses.

I vowel to research and practice everyday to learn new things and to put up one video/Blog a month to inspire someone else.

My goal is to owns a very successful hairdressing business, that will take me all over the world.

I want to travel to America, Britain, Japan, Greece, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, and etc...


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Matt Welsh on boys to men... Must read!!!

'Do you wanna chill?' (commonly known as 'let's hook up') is one the most come used sentence in today society. Let's be honest that phrase makes you sound like a teenager. Grown men relying on the vague, timid code words of high school freshmen. It’s embarrassing.

Well gentlemen it's time to end the nonsense, here! It’s time to be grown ups. It’s time to be men. I know this term really offends a lot of people nowadays, but truly, fellas, let’s man up. 

Matt Walsh, recently wrote an article on "Dear Single Dudes: it's time to man up", looking into how man are not stepping up to plate when it comes to relationship. He takes a unique approach on how 'we wouldn't go in for a job interview saying I'm just not interested at this time but maybe in the future'. 

His approach: If you’re hanging out with a woman and you feel like you might be into her, tell her. Call her on the phone. Take her out on a date. Say the words: “I’d like to take you out.” No ambiguity. Plan the date yourself. Women want you to be decisive. Lose the whole “so waddaya wanna do tonight?” schtick. Take charge. Pick her up at 7. Pay for the meal. Have a conversation with her. Go mini golfing or something. Go somewhere. Open the door for her. Put your phone away. Open up to her. Share your ideas, your dreams, your fears. Get to know her. Pursue her. Pursue her. Invest yourself in the process, as scary and unsure as it may seem. Take a risk, gentlemen. Go out on a limb for once. Be purposeful. Be desirable. Be a man.

Trust me this is what women want!

And guys out there needing a push in the right direction Matt will help you, it's definitely a great read!!! Here his is link to read the full story...