Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 No No Topics That You Should Never Say To Your Hairstylist

We have talked about 15 things your stylist should be asking you, now here are 5 NO NO topics that are totally off limits when talking with a hairstylist.

Here are some common phrases that are heard in the styling chair.

“Just give me something new!” this irritates you hairstylist more then you know. Be specific of what kind of style, don’t know what you want research, find pictures and bring that with you. Once you’ve decided as for a price up front.

“What box colour can I use in between appointments?” NONE, using a box colour doesn’t guaranteed the same result, you may miss spots. As stylist we spend a lot of time and money educating on colour theory and we truly care about you hair. To fix box colours requires time and could end up costing more to colour correct then to have a touch up every few weeks.

“Guess what, last night I hooked up with this really hot guy…” we bet you did, our advised would be to keep it professional. Discussing topics about your sex life and money and politics make hairstylist feel uncomfortable.

“I like my hair!” but really you hate it. If your hairstylist doesn’t give you the exact cut or colour liked you envisioned it, don’t say nothing. If you go and tell you friends you got you hair done at the place most likely people wont go their, they don’t want that to happen to them. It could have been avoided if you have the courage to tell them you didn’t like it.

“I’m going out on the town for a couple of week.” Women often share way too much information with their hairstylist then they do with husbands, pastor or friends. Your in a public place beware any information you share can be picked and used by people near you.

Now that you know what you shouldn't be saying to your stylist,  here are 15 questions your hairstylist should be asking you.

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