Sunday, December 7, 2014

Try it...

Her name is Colbie Caillat, recently she released a  song called "Try". Its talks about how today's beauty standards are up so high and how we shouldn't worry about what the media portrays as beautiful. The video shows many incredible transformation! Not by adding makeup, but removing it!!! 

This message hit me quite strongly. I am a lover of makeup and do wear it on a regular basis  when I do work. Not because I'm trying to cover my acne, (but its some of the reason) but because I feel beautiful, flawless! The hair and makeup industry  solely relies on Revolving Creation (making something even better), has lost the beauty behind being makeup less.

For so many years (puberty years) I suffered from acne, not the cystic kind, but the kind you could to see from meters way. I went to school with about 400 student in the whole high school, it was great! I was never the popular type, I was liked by all. But never did I felt the need to wear make up to please! Recently moving to a capital city, I found many of the insecurities. The hairdressing industry is a place were everything revolved around looking beautiful. Makeup became a friend that would hide all of them. Every morning I would wake up at 6:30am to apply my make up and dress like I was going to a wedding.  I loved putting make up, it gave me confidences to interact with people I would not normally speak to. I found it so annoying because you would have to was it all off.

I have learnt a lot over the years, how to apply foundation, how to make it look natural. My best advise would be to give everything a go. Its going to take practice to make it look appealing to you and to others.

My make up had definitely evolved over the year

Eat healthy food (salads, veggies, meats)
Find a great skincare range "Cosima Skincare Australia"
Good foundation and brushes

 Love who you are!!! God has made you perfect and each day I get to see how it forming me.