Sunday, January 5, 2014

G'day mate...

As you can see by the title, there can be only one place in the world that would give you an absence “hello” phrase, and that is of course Australia!

Hi my name is Ebonee Schiffmann and I live in Australia! In a small, but not the smallest state; South Australia. In a little Country town called Blewitt Springs. I live on a 10-acre vineyard property with my parent and my brother and sister. And I have lived here for 2 years. Soon I will be turning 20 and I thought as a new years resolution I could help inspire other people. As first-born; I’m your typical Leader, Motivator and Organiser.

On this Blog space, I am here to answer life’s toughest question. About being Single, God, what life is all about, dating, serving other, hair, makeup, being modest but fashionable and much more. I am in no way preaching to you, it’s not my job! I’m here to give you womanly advice on this crazy life. You’re probably thinking she only 20. She is! But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t lived a full life. I am here to be inspired as well. Comments, feedback and everything is welcome, we are all here to learn!!!

This is Me!!! And you have stepped into the world of Eb!!

Happy Sunday from Australia