Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm a Hairdresser

Hey everyone

As I am an upcoming hairstylist I wanted to share with you some of my achievement I have done so far. If you have any inquires please leave a comment below.

Highlights with a level 9 toner
The client was very happy and said "it's exactly what I wanted". I was really happy withy he result.

Root colour, with full-head blonde splices and inbetween colour

This was definitely a big job, I first started with the full-head of splices with the root colour and all over colour. It was light to what the picture was like but because of her natural hair colour being quite dark we went with a darker colour.

A simple hair cut to add layers and shaping around the front.

Full-head foils with hairline colour

Root, mid length and ends colour

We went darker, got rid of some if the gold to cool down her face. Cuts a cinder able amount then set her hair in rollers.

Graduated asymmetrical hair cut using the razor.

I enjoy using the razor it gives it great texture.

Foil with a level 6 toner

We were achieving a softness to the harsh black that is in the hair. Because if perilous home colouring service, it was difficult to lift colour, but it it one step closer to lightening.

Spiral Perm

Men haircut using the picture provided.

Graduated Asymmetrical Hair Cut.

Short on one side graduating into long.

Bring Hair Back to life

Taking section out and putting in foils with conditioner then colour the rest of the hair a deeper shade from all the summer damage.

Faded Root

Applied an Ash colour to help tone down the Copper

Look at the different simply by changing the colour of their hair.

I hope you enjoy a little insight into what I have done so far.