Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jerome Jarre Proposal


Jerome Jarre is a French Viner living in the US. With other 6.6 million followers, he has made it big with spreading love to anything and everything. With he's quirky smile and adorable french accent Jerome, got the opportunity to talk on TEDXYouth about how he got to where he is today. He goes on how we might have the best life but we can always be improve it.

The three steps...
1. What character are you playing in your life? Who are you?
2. Who do you want to be? What would you BE?
3. Strategy. How do you plan to get there.

I take Jerome Jarre's Proposal to be...

Ebonee Ann Schiffmann, A successful hairdresser, that helps to make people feel beautiful, loved and cared for. Who loves to sing and put on makeup and wear beautiful dresses.

I vowel to research and practice everyday to learn new things and to put up one video/Blog a month to inspire someone else.

My goal is to owns a very successful hairdressing business, that will take me all over the world.

I want to travel to America, Britain, Japan, Greece, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, and etc...