Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Matt Welsh on boys to men... Must read!!!

'Do you wanna chill?' (commonly known as 'let's hook up') is one the most come used sentence in today society. Let's be honest that phrase makes you sound like a teenager. Grown men relying on the vague, timid code words of high school freshmen. It’s embarrassing.

Well gentlemen it's time to end the nonsense, here! It’s time to be grown ups. It’s time to be men. I know this term really offends a lot of people nowadays, but truly, fellas, let’s man up. 

Matt Walsh, recently wrote an article on "Dear Single Dudes: it's time to man up", looking into how man are not stepping up to plate when it comes to relationship. He takes a unique approach on how 'we wouldn't go in for a job interview saying I'm just not interested at this time but maybe in the future'. 

His approach: If you’re hanging out with a woman and you feel like you might be into her, tell her. Call her on the phone. Take her out on a date. Say the words: “I’d like to take you out.” No ambiguity. Plan the date yourself. Women want you to be decisive. Lose the whole “so waddaya wanna do tonight?” schtick. Take charge. Pick her up at 7. Pay for the meal. Have a conversation with her. Go mini golfing or something. Go somewhere. Open the door for her. Put your phone away. Open up to her. Share your ideas, your dreams, your fears. Get to know her. Pursue her. Pursue her. Invest yourself in the process, as scary and unsure as it may seem. Take a risk, gentlemen. Go out on a limb for once. Be purposeful. Be desirable. Be a man.

Trust me this is what women want!

And guys out there needing a push in the right direction Matt will help you, it's definitely a great read!!! Here his is link to read the full story...